Easter Message from Rev Patrick Stonehewer

easterLarge1-640x400‘We are going to see things that never existed’

Recent headlines included the news that scientists have confirmed the existence of ‘gravitational waves’, something predicted by the well-known scientist Albert Einstein in the early part of the last century. This new discovery is important in helping us to understand how the universe developed, even life itself.  For most of us the impact of this news will simply be amazement and wonder about the complexity and beauty of distant space, not least because these events happened millions of years ago.

At the heart of the celebration of Easter is an event which also left its first witnesses standing in amazement and wonder at what had taken place, not in the depths of space but in their midst. As was the custom at that time, a group of women went to care for Jesus’ body in the days after his death but his body was missing from the tomb.  Their encounter and experiences that day brought them to understand that Jesus was alive again, a message they shared excitedly with their friends.  This core belief has passed down the generations and forms the faith of some 2.2 billion Christians around the globe today.

It’s no coincidence that Easter falls in the Spring, a time when the cycle of growth restarts, right in our own midst. Whatever your own faith or understanding, I hope that the Easter period will provide you with at least some time to spend in amazement, wonder and appreciation of the life within the environment and community around us.   

If you would like to do that within the Christian community, you will be welcome at the many events and services at churches in and around Bishopston over the Easter period.

Happy Easter!

Rev Patrick Stonehewer, Minister at Bishopston Methodist Church


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