Drawn to the Gloucester Road?

G-Rd-Prnt-picDrawn as a celebration of the independent shops on the Gloucester Road, local resident Tim Foster has produced a limited edition print of the road to raise money for charity.

Tim explained the idea, “I used the format of drawing a whole street from one done in Hackney, London. I thought that Gloucester Rd needed championing as much as anywhere.

“The whole process has been quite entertaining. The drawings were made from photographs and sketches, but to get a clear look at buildings it needed to be early enough to avoid too much traffic and late enough to have few parked cars – 7.00 am was a good start time. One or two people were (naturally) suspicious of having their frontages photographed, but a simple explanation sufficed.

“If you look closely, there are small figures included in the picture: a few are real people and some are to illustrate a joke; all show the wide variety of folk who shop here.

“The initial plan was to sell it through charity shops – there are ten in this lower section (Zetland Rd up to Somerville Rd). However, most are unable to stock it for a range of reasons, not least being wall space. Having said that, Shelter – the housing charity – is selling it. Other shops that are very enthusiastic include Harvest, to raise money for Greenpeace, and upstairs at La Ruca, to continue to help rebuilding in Chile after tsunami/earthquake damage.

“The cost is £40 of which £22 goes to the charity, the remainder covering production costs – it is on high quality art paper.

“There have been requests to draw further sections of Gloucester Road but I have, at least temporarily, had enough of sketching windows and doors.”

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