Do you own a Staffie or Staffie-cross dog or know someone that does?

Florence-cropDespite the misconceptions about Staffordshire Bull Terriers and their rough and tough reputation, Staffies can be wonderfully behaved, affectionate and highly intelligent dogs. Sadly though, due to irresponsible overbreeding and bad press, 60% of the unwanted dogs in Bristol Dogs Home are bull terrier breeds.

The Bristol RSPCA Clinic is tackling this problem by launching a neutering initiative to promote the importance of neutering and provide affordable operations to Staffie and Staffie cross owners on low incomes.

Mandy Stone, RSPCA Veterinary Manager explained, “Neutering has many health and welfare benefits and makes dogs easier to care for. Neutered pets are less likely to display antisocial or aggressive behaviour. Neutering protects against diseases in dogs, particularly testicular cancer in males and pyometra (an infection of the womb) and mammary tumours in females. These conditions cause suffering and can sometimes be fatal, as well as leading to costly veterinary treatment. Plus, by neutering your dog you’ll be doing your bit to help the growing crisis of pets being abandoned or dumped because there simply aren’t enough homes to go around.”

For staffie owners on housing benefit, council tax benefit or pension credits living in the Bristol area, the RSPCA is offering a very special low-cost fee for neutering Staffies and Staffie crosses –  £25 for males and £35 for females. Call the Clinic on 0117 9724567 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm) for more details.

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