Could you be a governor of Fairfield High School?

FaifieldFairfield High School recently got in touch with the below request re recruiting new Governors. Can you help please?

The Governing Body of Fairfield High School is recruiting additional Governors. We are keen that our Governors represent the diversity in our community.

There is no requirement for educational experience or formal qualifications nor do you have to be a parent or have a child at the school – the most important quality you can have is willingness to participate, bringing your experience of work and life to help govern the school.

All we ask is that a governor has an interest in education and has time, energy, enthusiasm and common sense. As well as the satisfaction of knowing you are making a real difference, if you volunteer you will use and improve a range of highly transferable skills, work with new people and have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and experience in a new environment. In return, training is offered throughout the year for all Governors of Bristol City Council’s schools.

Being part of a school governing team can be a really rewarding experience.

It does involve attending a meeting once a term (six times a year), perhaps with the addition of being part of a committee looking after a particular area of the governing body’s roles and responsibilities.

The School Governors provide voluntary guidance and support and have three key responsibilities:

  • Providing strategic management
  • Being a ‘critical’ friend
  • Making executive decisions

Governors work with the school’s Headteacher to determine the overall direction of the school, oversee the budget, advise on school policies/procedures and monitor performance, e.g., in examinations.

Anyone interested can contact Sue Gill, Clerk to Governors, via the Headteacher’s PA: Anne Dando, Email: [email protected]

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