Come Sunrise – New single from Alina

Come Sunrise is an uplifting, optimistic pop song reflecting the colourful, positive moments in what can seem like a dreary, grey life. Alina, who grew up in Bishopston, is a singer-songwriter now living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has been writing music since 2016 and has been performing her entire life. Alina’s notable gigs include Cheltenham Music Festival, an EP release at the Golden Lion and an online performance at Latitude Festival 2020. She released her first EP ‘The Name Escapes Me’ in 2019, she views it as ‘rough around the edges’ but still thinks of it fondly as it showcased her songwriting skills at age 18 and the production is a reflection of the limited resources with which she was working. Following that, Alina released ‘Millennial Cliché’ in the summer of 2020. This song was Alina’s first ‘pop princess anthem’, hopefully the first of many more to come. Alina’s new single ‘Come Sunrise’ has been in the works for about a year, and she’s very excited to finally release it into the world.

Come Sunrise was written in March 2021 and was the first demo that Alina ever created entirely by herself. The concept arose after two months in lockdown in a new country; Alina’s roommate was stuck in England so she ended up living alone unexpectedly. Her roommate finally returned and the weather got warmer, the days got longer and Alina had learned so much from those two months – she felt as though she had started to become a ‘proper adult’, despite feeling so desperately child-like when phoning her mum every day for help. The song was recorded and produced at Thea Kay’s home studio by Alina and Thea Kay, who is an up and coming singer-songwriter and a producer in the making. The song was then mixed by Callum Lewis, a locally recognised producer in Bristol and the surrounding areas. The song was mastered by TBC. Alina hopes to release the original demo along with a live recording and a remix in March 2022.

Come Sunrise will be released on Friday 25th February 2022 on all streaming platforms worldwide.

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