Clifton High come together to 'Stomp' in memory of friend

Clifton-High1Clifton High School Teachers and Mums join together to ‘Stomp’ in memory of friend Jennifer Russell and to raise funds for Bristol based Cancer Charity

On Sunday 25th January mothers and teachers from Clifton High School joined together for a team ‘stomp’ to share memories of their friend Jennifer Russell who sadly passed away in December last year.

In 2013 Jennifer Russell, a 32 year old mother of two at Clifton High School, was diagnosed with bowel cancer. It was during the beginning of her treatment that Jen was recommended the services of Penny Brohn Cancer Care, a national charity based on the outskirts of Bristol.  Jen attended the Penny Brohn Living Well course which allowed her to regain control and refocus her mind. She attended weekly activities at the Centre such as Nordic Walking and regularly dropped in for support or to eat in the restaurant.

Joanna Hall, friend of Jennifer Russell who was part of the group who organised the event said: ‘Whilst Jen, a young Mum and friend at Clifton High School was bravely fighting cancer last year, many mums and teachers asked each other what they could do to help.  We knew that Jen was getting a boost from her friends and relatives raising money for Penny Brohn, the charity that was helping and enabling Jen to live well with cancer. The idea of a sponsored 12 mile ‘Stomp’ in aid of Penny Brohn was decided upon with the hope of giving Jen an extra boost. Unfortunately, Jen lost her fight with cancer before the Stomp had a chance of taking place. As we all unite for the Stomp on Sunday,  we will all remember the unbelievable courage and endless determination Jen had for fighting her cancer, and the bright smile she had for everyone she met. Jen has been an inspiration to us all.’

Clifton-High2The team ‘stomped’ from Clifton High School along the towpath to Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre in Pill. The ‘stompers’ were treated to a healthy lunch at the Centre and then stomped back to the school. They ‘stomped’ 12 miles in total.  So far the group has raised over £3,704 for Penny Brohn Cancer Care to support people living with cancer.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care helps people to live well with the impact of cancer at any stage of their journey. Its unique combination of physical, psychological emotional and spiritual support is designed to work alongside medical treatment. The charity delivers a range of residential and non-residential services including courses, one to one appointments, nutritional advice, support groups and a Helpline.

Tami McMahon, Head of Fundraising at Penny Brohn Cancer Care said: “Jen was a truly inspirational woman, her courage and her generosity of spirit were outstanding and we will all treasure her memory”.

Dr Alison Neill, Head of Clifton High School said: “It is not the first time that a member of the Clifton High School Community has benefited from the outstanding support given by Penny Brohn Cancer Care. We recognise and endorse the important work the charity does for those living with cancer and in particular the support it provided for Mrs Russell and her family. We are very proud of the parents and teachers who came together this weekend to remember Mrs Russell and ‘stomp’ the 12 miles for this deserving cause.”

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