Bristol's Got Talent: Your chance to back Bristol's Green Capital Bid!

If you ask people why they love Bristol, you can be fairly sure the phrases ‘community’ and ‘local’ will feature in their answer.

Across the city, it’s a sense of belonging, and getting things done together, which arguably make areas like Bishopston great places to live. As Bristol bids to be Green Capital of Europe for 2014, there is no better time to celebrate the work that communities and local businesses have done in making Bristol one of the greenest, most environmentally friendly cities in the UK.

As individuals, Bristolians send less waste to landfill than any other UK city dwellers, and we recycle over 50 percent of what we throw away.

Over 35 local schools and hundreds of homes citywide now have solar panels. Across the city, the number of community groups just keeps on growing, from sustainable local energy initiatives like Streets of Solar, to small scale food and self sufficiency projects like Feed Bristol and the Resilient Food Plan. Sustainable Bishopston, just one local example, opened Golden Hill Community Garden last month, and you don’t have to walk far off Gloucester Road in either direction to find thriving allotments. From the choice of shops on Gloucester Road itself, to the ever more popular St Andrews Park, it’s really important that we shout about what we’ve done to make Bristol’s communities green and pleasant spaces, as well taking an active role in making them better for the future.

Bristol Green Capital is about working with others, and being the change we want to see. It is about taking action to improve our communities and create a better quality of life for everyone. Winning the EU competition on the 8th June will be a fantastic way to celebrate Bristol as a forward thinking, low carbon city. Whatever happens, Bristol’s future will hopefully be a greener and fairer, and we are all part of the plan.

We are in it to win it! Sign up NOW to support Bristol on 8th June.

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