Bristol hot air Balloons by Clive Minnitt

Bishopston resident, Clive Minnitt has launched a new book. His latest publication presents a wonderful visual insight into the high flying world of ballooning through stunning, colourful photographs. Each page is full of interest, exploring different angles, intriguing perspectives and colour combinations with a hypnotic intensity that encourages you to leaf through the book time and time again. Although many of the images were captured at Bristol Balloon Fiesta, they reflect all the excitement, anticipation, exhilaration and airborne serenity associated with balloon flights everywhere.

Beautifully presented in rich technicolour, this book is destined to become a classic with a widespread appeal to balloonists and non-balloonists alike.  A photographic explosion of colour, that can’t fail to impress and may very well inspire many to look skywards and explore the gentle art of ballooning for themselves.

Find out more at [email protected]

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