Bishopston’s Big Tidy

The Big Tidy is coming to Bishopston! Part of the Bristol Council and Bristol Waste Clean Streets campaign, the Big Tidy will see a dedicated crew working in the areas of Bishopston where street issues are beyond the capacity of regular street cleansing work. They will be followed a few weeks later by a specialist team to remove tagging from the worst affected areas. 

The Big Tidy has been working to improve wards across the city since October 2019, and Bishopston is next on the list. Cutting back overgrown footpaths, clearing litter and fly-tips and removing tags is just some of the work the Big Tidy crew will be carrying out in the area.  

Since the project launched last autumn, the Big Tidy crew have cleaned over 500 streets with some impressive results: 

  • 2,277 tagsremoved from walls, bridges and benches 
  • More than 3,000residents and businesses engaged 
  • 388 legal notices, warnings and finesissued 
  • Over200 fly-tips cleared and investigated  

Fritha Voaden, one of the dedicated community engagement officers for the Big Tidy, said:  

“The crews have been working really hard throughout lockdown to make our streets cleaner and safer for everyone, and residents have been showing their support by making Big Tidy pledges of their own. Whilst group pledges such as community clean-ups are on pause due to the pandemic, there are still plenty of ways you can support your street and community, such as individual litter-picks or reporting issues to the council. The Big Tidy webpage has loads of ideas for how to take part. 

“One of the simplest ways to help is with litter. As we all start to spend more time outdoors, please be extra mindful about taking everything you bring outside back home with you. Leaving litter next to a bin is still littering, however carefully it is placed there. If you’ve made plans to enjoy the outdoors this summer, please also plan for carrying any litter home with you afterwards.” 

So far, more than 450 residents have made a pledge to help keep their street, local park or front garden clean and free from litter, fly-tip and other issues. You can join in with your own pledge online at or on social media using the hashtag #BigTidy. 

Residents are also encouraged to report street issues to the council by phone or using the online forms available at  

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