Bishopston Society Announce their Public Meeting on 7th April

The Bishopston Society are holding a public meeting at St Michael’s Church Hall, Pigsty Hill, Gloucester Road on 7th April at 7.30 – 9.30pm to which members and non-members alike are invited.

There will be two main guest speakers for the evening. Firstly, Duncan Laird, Group Manager of Transportation at BCC, will give a talk on ‘Liveability on the Streets’ with a particular emphasis on Gloucester Road. Then, Pete Insole, the guiding light behind the BCC local history website ‘Know Your Place’ will talk about how to carry out a ‘Our Place’ survey in Bishopston.

This survey is an activity which the Society aims to accomplish or at least initiate, with the help of Pete and local volunteers, on the morning of Wednesday May 7th, as part of the events planned for the Neighbourhood Community Festival Week. See: ‘Our Place’ survey

Also on the agenda are two short talks which link in to the theme of Liveability in the Neighbourhood. The first will be from Daniella Radice, our local Green Party councillor. She will briefly inform us about the progress of a new Neighbourhood Partnership walking project (for more detail see Walking with a Purpose). This is designed to survey the area bounded by Cranbrook Road, Kellaway Avenue, Muller Road and Chesterfield Road, in order to to produce a map showing useful walking routes across and through that area of our neighbourhood.

Secondly, Liz Kew, as leader of the Gloucester Road Street Scene Group, will update us on the work of the Group and its successful efforts in combatting graffiti.

Finally, there will be an an Open Forum session where there is the opportunity to raise questions and issues of concern.

As usual, to round off the evening sociably, wine and fruit juice will be available.

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