Beard TO-GO to raise funds for LEGO at Bristol Children’s Hospital

This month, St Andrews resident Simon Davis got in touch with the below request. Please do dig deep and support this local family with their fundraising efforts.

My fantastically brave 13-year-old daughter Tatiana has been in remission for 1.5 years, but has just been diagnosed with leukaemia.

Tatiana loves Lego. Whilst in hospital she has been able to play with Lego sets donated to the play team by the wonderful Fairy Bricks charity.

Tatiana is a wonderfully generous daughter and has suggested that other children would enjoy playing with Lego whilst in hospital just as she does. Lego is both stimulating and distracting – just what children need in hospital.

Tatiana has challenged me to raise some money for Fairy Bricks by having my beard shaved. The least I can do is to oblige her wish. Tatiana had a goal of £500 but she has already shot past that amount after only a few days. Colston’s Girls’ School are busy fundraising for the charity too.

I know the people of Bishopston and St Andrews are generous, so thank you in advance for supporting our efforts via

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