Another Light bulb Moment from ABLECTRICS

Ablectrics-BMDec14-V1New Light Fitting Repair Service

Ablectrics is now pleased to be able to offer their customers a light fitting repair service, from 12 pounds + VAT. Simply bring in your lamp and they will have it fixed in 7 days by a qualified electrician.

Restoration of Vintage Lights

The local business has also started restoring old vintage lights; this popular trend in lighting at the moment has meant they have had to take a more hands on approach. Calling on their vast contacts in the world of lighting, they buy in old factory lights, streetlights, shades and ship lights. They then set about stripping them down and rewiring them to modern standards, using new vintage cable, decorative lamp holders and antique light bulbs.

Ablectrics has a new area of their showroom dedicated to displaying their vintage lighting with different items arriving every week. You can also view this collection online.

Decorative Vintage Lamps – New and Old

Used to compliment vintage-style lighting, the antique squirrel cage filament lamp has become extremely popular. Its decorative filament and 2200k amber warm white colour temperature make it an ideal lamp for these vintage light fittings. These original lamps only last 2,000 hours at best and burn 60 watts. Not satisfied with this output or use of energy, Ablectrics has worked hard to develop a new LED lamp. When creating this new lamp, they went to great lengths during the development stage, to ensure the colour of the LED is right, that it dims and that there is no heat sink. What seemed like an impossible challenge, and after several failed attempts, this fantastic new product finally became a reality in October 2014. Ablectrics is proud to bring you vintage LED lighting that burns only 4 watts and has a life expectancy of 25,000 hours! Both a squirrel cage LED and a LED globe are now available from them; prices start at £26.99 inc. VAT. You are invited to visit the shop to view them and find out more.

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