5 top tips on how to sell your home for the best price, and swiftly, from Alexander May

Alexander-May-Radio-1If you want to sell your house successfully then you will need to present it in its best possible light. Here at Alexander May estate agents we have been involved in selling property for many years in Clifton and Long Ashton and, as a result, we have gained a solid understanding of what helps to really sell a property swiftly and at a top price. Below we tell you what you should do before you put your home on the market, and we explain why:

  • When first given details of a property, most purchasers will drive past it in order to check its location and also to get a feel for the property. As a consequence it is vital that the outside of the property it’s presented at its very best. Pressure wash your drive and paths to give the right first impression.  If you have a garden make sure it is also presented well-manicured and tidy. Human psychology tells us that a well-manicured garden it is easy to look after but an overgrown and unkempt garden involves a lot of hard work. A garden is an asset to any property and should be used as such to help sell it. Fix any leaking guttering, clean the windows and remove any bicycles and broken toys that have been left lying around.
  • On entering your property, viewers need to be greeted with a positive first impression and as a result, if you have pets or young children, it would pay you to have your carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture professionally cleaned to get rid of any marks or stains.  In addition this cleaning will also help to get rid of any odours that have built up over time which, as it is your home, you do not notice. This is not meant to be offensive and we are not implying anyone’s house smells terrible, however what we are saying is that if it smells fresh and clean, it will create a much more positive impact.
  • Make sure kitchens and bathrooms are spotlessly clean. Once again we all put up with things that really should be fixed or repaired, but life is all about priorities. Unless you are moving, odd jobs around the home are not important, but if you are moving, it becomes vital they are done. The kitchen should never have dirty dishes left lying around, the cooker should be spotlessly clean and make sure you have cleaned on top of the cupboards. No, we know that nobody will see up there, but that is where cooking smells get trapped. Make sure the floor is clean too and if you have vinolay flooring and it is damaged, replace it. Remember, you want prospective buyers to leave thinking of all the positive aspects of the property, not with a head full of all the things that need doing to it. The same applies to the bathroom. Make sure shower screens and all sanitary ware are spotlessly clean all the time and if the silicone sealant round the bath or shower is discoloured, get it replaced. If you have young kids this means an extra hassle, but a couple of minutes after every bath time as opposed to half an hour a fortnight is the better way to do it. Having a very clean home gives buyers the impression the whole property, structure and all, has been looked after. A scruffy home leaves prospective purchasers worrying what else they may discover if they bought it.
  • If you have any water stains on ceilings or badly damaged paintwork, get it painted over. It may seem strange to suggest your home be nicely decorated throughout as very often buyers will change the colour scheme. However it is one thing to look at a property and see that decorating it would be straightforward, and another thing when you realise that there will be a massive amount of preparation work required before any decorating could be done.
  • Declutter where possible. You want to create the impression of space, no matter how small the property is. This means getting rid of all clutter. Now if the reason for moving is because you need more room, then don’t make the problem obvious and never give that as a reason for moving to prospective buyers. Get a quote from Big Yellow or Alligator Storage in Bristol – you’d be surprised how affordable secure storage is for a few months and store away everything that isn’t essential, and that includes many of the kids’ toys. Think minimalist as opposed to warm and cosy!

Now at Alexander may we appreciate that much of the advice given involves spending some money, and not all of us have a huge amount spare to pay tradesmen. However try to think more logically, as if your home is presented well, then rather than selling it for say £250,000 you could well sell it for £258,000 and the cost of sorting out a few things may well have cost less than £1,000. When you look at it in those terms, it makes sense to present your home in top condition.

To find out more and to get an idea of the value of your home in the current property climate, do contact us here at Alexander May and we will be very happy to come and have a discussion with you.

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