Sainsbury's submit appeal against Bristol City Council

Sainsbury’s have applied to the Secretary of State to challenge Bristol City Council’s refusal to extend the delivery times of their proposed store on the Memorial Ground. Sainsbury’s want to supply the store using 44 ton lorries from 5am until midnight, seven days a week. They claim this is necessary to make a store of this size viable. Residents say the viability of the store is not their problem – the store is too big for the site and will blight their lives if there are only 5 delivery free hours each day.

The Council refused the original application on 28th January 2014 stating that these hours of delivery ‘would have a detrimental impact on the amenity of local residents’. Indeed Sainsbury’s own noise assessment showed that 20 properties around the site would suffer sleep disturbing levels of noise for 19 hours every day.

The appeal relies on raising the threshold for what is considered a sleep disturbing level of noise: previous applications relied on BS 8233 and the World Health Organisation recommendations but the appeal cites 25 year old research to justify a much higher noise level as reasonable.

Sainsbury’s were granted planning permission in January 2013 with extensive delivery hours of 6am -11pm Mon-Sat and 9am – 8pm Sun when compared to those for other local supermarkets:

Tesco Golden Hill 7am – 9pm Mon-Sun

Co-op Glos Road 8am – 6pm Mon-Sun

Many of the houses around the site have young families with gardens and bedroom windows facing the delivery route. A resident of Trubshaw close said ‘The previous assessments told us that the noise would wake us up. A new assessment won’t make it any quieter – they have just changed the targets and raised the fences’. The appeal also suggests the construction of 2.7 – 3.6 metre high fences around the gardens of local residents to prevent sleep disruption.

Sainsbury’s have waited until 4:30pm on the last day of the sixth month period to appeal the decision.


This appeal will be determined by an inspector following the submission of written statements.

Deadline for representations to the Planning Inspectorate: 11th September 2014

Case Office: Michael Joyce Case Officer Email: [email protected]

Always quote reference number A/14/2222880

If you would like to write now or modify or elaborate on any earlier views please write to:

The Planning Inspectorate,

Temple Quay House,
2 The Square,
Temple Quay,
Bristol BS1 6PN


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