Redland High School girls perform Romeo and Juliet at The Fringe

A group of 28 Redland High School students are preparing to take their girl only production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August.

The performance, set in a 21st century high school has taken months of preparation by students and staff. The group are now rehearsing hard for their appearance in Edinburgh.

17 year old Amy Kennedy and 16 year old Amy Adair play Romeo and Juliet and have spent hours learning their lines for the performance and have had to fit it in around their studies and even, in Romeo’s case, a ballet exam. The Redland High version of Romeo and Juliet has a few differences to Shakespeare’s original performance including a stiletto-wearing nurse and a Stanley-knife wielding Tybalt, a rapping Mercutio  and of course an all girl cast.

Sarah McCormack, Head of Drama at Redland High said, “In Shakespeare’s time of course, all the plays were performed by a male cast. So we thought it would be fun to do the play with an all girl cast. We have some excellent actors in the School and a history of sending girls on to successful careers in the theatre. A past student performed at the RSC last season and another has recently debuted in the radical stage adaptation of Sandi Toksvig’s childhood memoir, Hitlers Canary. With such a high level of enthusiasm and commitment amongst the girls, it’s been fantastic to give them the experience of performing at the Fringe. This will be our second visit to The Fringe, last year we went with our version of Euripides’ The Trojan Women and got fantastic reviews and sold out all our performances. We are hoping to have the same success this year”.

The play will be performed from 2-11 August (not including Sunday 5) at 12:25pm in [email protected]

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