Know Your Place

Know Your Place at Bristol’s Record Office Tuesday, May 1 to Friday, June 29, 2012

Anyone who wants to know more about the historical growth of the community where they live or how the city has developed and expanded over time can visit ‘Know Your Place’, a new exhibition at Bristol’s Record Office, which opens on Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

The exhibition introduces ‘AD’ the Know Your Place interactive website, which offers free access to Bristol’s historic maps and encourages visitors to the website to share their own images and knowledge of the city.

Using maps dating from 1750 onwards, the website allows visitors to ‘Know Your Place’ compare old and modern maps to trace the development of their local community and the city. 

The exhibition will feature case studies showing the development of the Sea Mills and Barton Hill areas. Original archival material, plans, tithe records, census records, trade directories, housing development plans and photographs are among the artefacts featured in the display.

“This is a great opportunity to find out more about Bristol,” says John Williams, deputy head of Bristol’s Museums, Galleries and Archives. “The maps, plans and records on display will illustrate how people can use primary and secondary sources at the Record Office to discover their own community’s history and development.

“Know Your Place’s interactive website underpins the exhibition and will give web users the chance to research the history of their neighbourhood and share their local knowledge.”

The Know Your Place exhibition runs until Friday, June 29.

There will be a free talk at Bristol Record Office by Peter Insole, senior archaeological officer at Bristol City Council on Thursday, June 14 at 5.30pm. Peter Insole will demonstrate how family and local historians can use the Know Your Place website for research. He will also show how the site provides new ways to explore the history and development of the city’s neighbourhoods – and how anyone with local knowledge can contribute their own images and information.

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